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Distributed Networked John

   This is a client/server  framework that wraps  around a slightly  modified
   version of John The Ripper.
   In contrast to  the MPI version  of John,  dnetj allows the  use of  nodes
   which are of differing speeds and for nodes which do not run 24/7.
   This tool was  written for a  number of reasons,  firstly the MPI  version
   requires an  MPI  installation on  each  node, and  for  the nodes  to  be
   configured together and be  roughly the same  speed. Also, although  other
   distributed password crackers exist  (such as djohn  or medussa) they  all
   have their own limitations.
   The server  loads a  set  of password  hashes,  and splits  the  available
   keyspace into "work units" of a configurable size. The clients connect and
   retrieve the hashes, as  well as a  set of work units  to process. Once  a
   client has processed some  work units, it connects  back to the server  to
   submit the  completed units  as  well as  any  passwords which  have  been
   Possible uses  include  eg,  running  as a  background  task  on  all  the
   workstations in an office.
   Note, this tool is at  an early stage of development  and is likely to  be
   very buggy,  although it  is functional.  Bug reports  and/or patches  are
   strongly encouraged.


   John Anderson

Mailing List

   There is a mailing list  for Dnetj available, you  can subscribe to it  by
   writing a mail containing  the word "subscribe" in  the body of the  mail,
   and sending  it  to  john-mpi-subscribe at  As  this  list
   is currently fairly low traffic, it is shared with the john-mpi list.


   For support queries relating to dnetj, please use the mailing list. Do not
   contact the original authors of John The Ripper or use the public  mailing
   lists on  for issues  which  are specific  to  the  modified

Supported Platforms

   Dnetj has been tested on the following systems:

     * Linux/x86
     * Linux/amd64
     * Linux/sparc
     * MacOSX/PPC
     * MacOSX/Intel
     * Solaris/x86


     * Distributed client/server model, any number of clients can be
       supported and can be brought up and down at will
     * Support for any cipher supported by John 1.7.2 (additional cipher
       patches should be able to be applied normally)
     * Keep the changes to John to a minimum, so that patches/updates can
       still be applied without too much fuss
     * Uses the same optimized encryption routines as John
     * Cracked hashes are stored in the standard john.pot format, so they can
       be displayed with john -show
     * Passwd files sent to clients are sanitised (only the hash is sent,
       other fields from the passwd file are removed)
     * Capability for auto client registration
     * Code is intentionally kept clean to aid porting


     * 0.2.5 - Initial public release

Known Issues

     * Clients will sometimes crash if unable to connect to the server for a
       long period of time.
     * Work unit size is limited to a 32bit integer number of crypts (ie:
     * Node performance calculations wrap once the node has performed more
       than 4294967296 crypts, so nodes may appear to be much slower than
       they truly are.
     * Doesn't work with NTLM, as the NTLM hash is stored in a different
       field of the passwd file.
     * Traffic is sent in plain text (this makes debugging easier at this
       early stage of development)
     * Makefile is very basic, and has no configure script, compilation on
       Solaris requires adding -lnsl -lsocket to the compile command.


  Latest Version

     * dnetj-0.2.5.tar.gz (md5sum: 88a0270ef8579e977c77c1d73df5b702)

  Download pre-compiled versions

   None yet, if  you'd like precompiled  versions please let  me know at  the
   address above.


   There  is  currently   a  rudimentary  "INSTALL"   file  located  in   the
   distribution archive. Better documentation  will follow. In the  meantime,
   please feel free to email for assistance.

   Currently the client/server must be  compiled seperately from the  bundled
   version of John.

   The sourcecode to John is  located in the src  directory, and this can  be
   compiled in the same way John is normally compiled. One caveat is that for
   a Dnetj server installation, the Makefile needs to be edited and  -DMASTER
   added to the CFLAGS line.

   The client/server source is located in the "dist" subdirectory, and can be
   compiled with a simple "make". This  will create 2 binaries, "client"  and

   The client or  server binary should  be moved to  the "run"  subdirectory,
   alongside the john binary. Also copy the file conf or conf-client into the
   run directory and  edit it  accordingly, most  of the  options within  the
   configuration file are self explanatory or explained by comments.

   To execute,  start either  the client  or server  with it's  corresponding
   configuration file as the first argument, eg:
   ./server conf
   ./client conf-client


   Visible links
   . mailto:john at