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John The Ripper MPI Patch

   This is an  updated version of  Ryan Lim's  patch for john  the ripper  to
   support MPI,  in addition  to a  large number  of third  party patches  to
   support additional ciphers and such.

   MPI allows you to use multiple processors on a single system, or a cluster
   of systems  for  cracking  passwords using  john  the  ripper.  Incredibly
   usefull in these days of multi core processors.

   A compatible MPI implementation is required.
   This has currently been tested on Linux/AMD64, MacOSX/Intel and  Linux/x86
   using mpich2-1.0.2


   John Anderson

Mailing List

   There is a mailing list for John-MPI available, you can subscribe to it by
   writing a mail containing  the word "subscribe" in  the body of the  mail,
   and sending it to john-mpi-subscribe at


   For support queries relating  to the MPI version  of John, please use  the
   mailing list. Do not  contact the original authors  of John The Ripper  or
   use the public mailing lists on for issues which are specific
   to the MPI patches.


  Quad Core Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @2304MHz
 John MPI - Version 1.7.2-bp17-mpi7, 4 threads
 Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... DONE
 Many salts:    8749K c/s real, 8771K c/s virtual
 Only one salt:    7474K c/s real, 7496K c/s virtual

  Dual Core Intel Core2 Duo, 2.16GHz, MacBook Pro MacOSX
 John MPI - Version 1.7.2-bp17-mpi4, 2 threads
 Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2]... DONE
 Many salts:     3433087.00 c/s real, 3636739.00 c/s virtual
 Only one salt:  2852658.00 c/s real, 3021898.00 c/s virtual

 Dual AMD Opteron 250 (2.2ghz), Gentoo Linux 64bit
 John MPI - Version 1.7.2-bp17-mpi, 2 threads
 Benchmarking: Traditional DES [128/128 BS SSE2-16]... DONE
 Many salts:     2132632.00 c/s real, 2139034.00 c/s virtual
 Only one salt:  1951692.00 c/s real, 1957552.00 c/s virtual

   Please feel  free to  submit more  benchmarks to  the mailing  list.  With
   benchmark information, please include full processor information including
   type, vendor,  clock  rate  and  stepping  etc  (you  can  get  this  from
   /proc/cpuinfo on linux  systems), as well  as the make  target used  while
   compiling. Also detail any changes made  to the default Makefile (such  as
   modified CFLAGS, or  non default  compiler). Finally detail  the type  and
   version of compiler used (gcc -v shows this information for gcc).


     * Support for more ciphers (NTLM, MS domain logon cache, Oracle, MySQL)
     * 1.7.2 now includes a ciphers.h file where you can enable/disable
       ciphers at compile time
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi2 - no longer requires a copy of the .chr files for each
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi2 - NTLM support is now fixed
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi2 - now has SSE2 or MMX versions of NTLM, which are much
       faster than the generic ones
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi3 - no longer requires you to symlink all the chr files
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi3 - You can now kill -HUP any of the john processes to
       see their current status
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi4 - altivec.h was not getting included on PPC linux
       (thanks to RB for noticing this)
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi4 - Fixed to work on OSX/Intel - use the macosx-x86-sse2
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi4 - Status line now shows the mpi_id
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi5 - The -show function now works again
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi6 - Memory leak and potential buffer overflow (not
       exploitable) fixed by Carsten G
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi6 - Support for SIGUSR1 as well as SIGHUP, required for
       use with OpenMPI
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi7 - Support for IPB2 (Invision Power Board) cipher added
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi7 - Cygwin and benchmark fixes from Elli0t merged in
     * 1.7.2-bp17-mpi8 - Build fixes for make generic, replaced README file,
       if you already have mpi7 working there's no point updating to mpi8.
     * 1.7.2-mpi8 - Cleaned up version contributed by RB, mpi patches only,
       no extra ciphers... Other cipher patches should apply relatively
     * - MPI-only patch updated to

Known Issues

     * If you use Gentoo, make sure you compile mpich2 _WITHOUT_ the
       "threads" use flag, otherwise john-mpi will fail to compile with
       undefined references to MPIU_Free and MPIU_Malloc
     * If you use OpenMPI instead of mpich2, the SIGHUP signal doesn't get
       passed to john. It is necessary to send a SIGUSR1 instead.
     * Currently the 1.7.3.x versions don't include the bp17 extra ciphers
       patch, third party patches should apply reasonably cleanly, please
       report any problems and we will work on making the patches mpi
       compatible and/or releasing a jumbo patch with mpi and extra ciphers
       built in..


   If you are unsure  how to apply patches,  please download the pre  patched

  Latest Version

     * john- Patch for John (md5sum:
     * john- Pre patched version (md5sum:
     * john- Pre patched MPI John with additional
       ciphers patched in too (md5sum: 82f513ac756f52ab4ae4b75971f92542)

  Download patches

     * john- Patch for John (md5sum:
     * john-1.7.2-mpi8.diff MPI only patch for 1.7.2, no extra cipher support
       contributed by RB. (md5sum: 566006b20a03841cba524a12ee1fb784)

  Download pre-patched versions

     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi8.tar.gz (md5sum: 6446d48c2360c2bfe5de8a719599e458)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi7.tar.gz (md5sum: 2bce685b04da1d122c931a197110fb39)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi6.tar.gz (md5sum: 25760f9fb44a67f6e4f6787128bd5faa)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi5.tar.gz (md5sum: 68635f640e26d485fc33dceb7f3c282e)
     * john- (md5sum:
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi.tar.gz (md5sum: 96372438c82f104de4253a7d3d08185d)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi2.tar.gz (md5sum: 11dfb6a9b25ddcb642386175ab70d0e5)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi3.tar.gz (md5sum: f17176513cb804253615805fcc94735b)
     * john-1.7.2-bp17-mpi4.tar.gz (md5sum: 4b14af8799bbbaee5f6bceb87ce565eb)

  Download pre-compiled versions

     * MacOS X86 10.5 64bit (md5sum: f089e9b243adfdf575964677bb82bbfa)
     * MacOS X86 10.5 32bit (md5sum: 4afc30a5cf812f1eb0051253385409b7)

   If you'd like  any other precompiled  versions please let  me know at  the
   address above.