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These are two builds of John the Ripper jumbo for Mac OS X and macOS.

The "avx2" one is best for recent Intel Macs (and will run faster there).
It will unfortunately not work on older Macs, nor on Apple Silicon ones.

The "sse4" one is for older Intel Macs and for Apple Silicon Macs.  (It
will also work on newer Intel Macs, but is suboptimal there.)

Both are 64-bit builds.

The actual main program is "john" found in the "run" subdirectory after
you extract one of these two archives.  It is a command-line program, so
to run it open a Terminal, change to the "run" directory, and invoke the
program with:


It will then print a lengthy list of supported command-line options.
Please refer to the README and other files found in the "doc" subdirectory
for usage instructions and examples.

On some systems, you might run into the "cannot be opened because the
developer cannot be verified" error.  Here's how to work around it:

Resolve MacOS 'cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified' error

1. Run the program. You should see Killed: 9 as output in the terminal.
2. Once the error happens, open the "Security & Privacy" control panel from System Preferences.
3. The Security & Privacy panel, General tab is updated with the info that the program was prevented from running. Click Allow Anyway.
4. Run the program again. This time a different prompt is shown. Click Open - the program should run as you expect.

Please note that as an alternative to using these builds you can build JtR from
source on your own (requires Xcode, which is a large download).  Functionality,
performance, and dependencies of different builds of JtR may differ.  See also: