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This directory is meant to preserve copies of papers, source code, etc.
related to bitslice implementations of DES (focusing on the S-boxes).

Eli Biham's paper that started it all (biham/

Matthew Kwan's optimized DES S-box expressions (crawled and preserved as

Marc Bevand's new set of bitslice DES "S-Box circuits" that average 45.5
gates per S-box by using all the logical instructions of the Cell B.E.
processor SPU ISA (m.bevand/ subdirectory):

Dumplinger Boy (Dango-Chu)'s optimized DES S-box expressions making use
of a vector conditional select operation such as on PowerPC with AltiVec
( subdirectory):

Dango-Chu's S-boxes are an improvement upon Marc Bevand's results.